Find Your Mummy Soulmate with the New Peanut App

Nobody warns you that despite having just added to your family, having a baby can oftentimes be crushingly lonely. At the very least, you’ll suddenly find yourself longing for even the most cursory of human contact–an extended chat with (the irony!) the door-to-door salesman, even–just to catch a break from the monotony of early mummy-life. Thankfully, one mum has channelled this lesser advertised aspect of motherhood into a sanity-saving solution: the Peanut app.

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Nope. Pregnancy Doesn’t Mean Eating for Two. (Sorry.)

According to a recent study, 2 out of 3 women aren’t sure how much they should be eating for a healthy pregnancy. There’s a good deal of nutritional do’s and don’t’s when it comes to housing a baby, but one particularly simple rule is pretty straightforward–being pregnant doesn’t mean a free pass to ‘eat for two’.

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5 Signs Your Baby is Overstimulated

Plenty babies fight sleep–and it can often seem as if they’d happily go on playing and socialising for hours without a break…that is, until, they suddenly go from zero to meltdown. Fact is, little ones are very easy overstimulated (the world is SO exciting, Mum!); no matter how vague their methods of communication may be–or your ability to pick up on their cues.

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5 Top Toys for Your Little Explorer (that aren’t Toys)

So your lil’ bundle of adventure is on the move–presumably, he’s also thoroughly-versed in his stash of ‘educational’ playthings, and is, quite frankly, bored. Now he’s on a raiding mission (and good luck stopping him). If you want to pre-empt disaster and danger, but not shell out on new gaudy gear to temporarily amuse, here’s five of the best–i.e. free–household ‘toys’ that’ll provide your precocious tot hours of mind-boggling pleasure. You’re welcome.

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