Bloggers are taking over the world – good bloggers, bad bloggers… all bloggers. But especially mummy bloggers. We have lots to say and boy, do we enjoy saying it. This year could be ‘year of the blogger’, and already we are in March.

So what does 2012 have in store for the collective voice of the cybermum? The Britmums network has eleven savvy predictions:

1. Mum blogging will go mainstream.

2. Blogging will become more professional.

3. Marketing buzzwords will become more important.

4. Bloggers will have more options.

5. New bloggers will continue to change the community dynamics.

6. Veteran bloggers will rethink their focus.

7. There will be less conflict.

2012 Trends for Mummy Bloggers

8. “Mum bloggers” as a genre will continue to grow and expand and will refuse to be pigeonholed into “baby writers”.

9. Video blogging will continue to take hold and entertain viewers.

10. The most commercially minded bloggers will gravitate toward “widgets not cupcakes.”

11. Bloggers not just writing for other bloggers.

In a nutshell, the parental blogging machine is no longer about mums having their say; it’s a commercial tool that can be used for marketing and making money.

Blogs are a strategy – it’s all about using social media and search engine optimisation to engage brands and support personal business ventures.

Bloggers will thus be more concerned with the aesthetic of their blogs and 2012 will see a host of tools, slick blog themes and helpful plugins as a rule rather than an exception.

It’s all rather exciting! If you’re keen to delve into the specifics of the aforementioned predictions, be sure to visit

Happy blogging!


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