Baby feeding tip!

Since my daughter has been on formula, I have become an expert in what I like to call ‘powder piling’.

Most of Amelia’s bottles are of the smaller 150ml size variety and her milk feeds are all 150ml at a time. When making up formula in advance, If you are of logical mind, you would have worked out that 150ml of water in a 150ml bottle does not leave much room for five 30ml scoops of formula.

What I usually do is pile the formula into a mountainous heap, which balances on top of the water. I then manoeuvre the bottle teat over the heap of avalanching white powder and carefully, but speedily, squash it on top and screw it on. It’s quite a skill – a skill that wouldn’t be necessary had I purchased larger volume bottles.

I previously owned three 260ml bottles; one was lost on the streets of Rome whilst holidaying in Italy, the other… well I have no idea what happened to it but I do know that it is gone, which leaves me with one plus-size bottle. And much like Gollum’s ring, it is precious.

The bigger bottle does not require any ‘powder piling’. I am able to haphazardly spoon the formula into the bottle without the worry of spillage and waste. If I had known all this before I purchased bottles for my daughter I would have purchased bigger sizes all round to save me the time and hassle of mastering such a pointless artform!