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How to plan the perfect baby shower

Being pregnant can be a wonderful experience, yet it can also be exhausting. Anything that can make life easier for pregnant women is always a good thing, and that’s why we are especially proud of our new Facebook app.

We offer expecting mum’s a nifty solution on how to plan the perfect baby shower. The Sudocrem ‘Plan your baby shower’ app is available on the Sudocrem Facebook page right now.

So if you were stressing about how to plan the perfect baby shower, fret no more.

The baby shower app allows you to set up your event in minutes, even allowing for some personal selections such as –

  • Select a theme for your baby shower
  • Add items you would love to receive at your baby shower (no unwanted gifts here!)
  • Send invites to your friends with RSVP’s.
  • Track who will be attending

baby shower

  • Attendees can also leave messages on your personal baby shower planner, maybe even detailing what gift they plan to get.

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What mums say about morning sickness

What helps with morning sickness? In a recent survey by “Prima Baby & Pregnancy”, mums shared their tips on how to steer clear from the toilet bowl. Check it out:

32% – nothing worked

24% – eating smaller meals more often

14% – eating something containing ginger

9% – avoiding strong smells

7% – eating a plainer meal

7% – travel sickness band

5% – sucking on an ice cube

1% – foot massage

1% – acupuncture

So nothing is the answer. This will either make mums sigh in relief (because you’re not the only one who has tried everything, to no avail) or you’ll want to bury your head in your pillow and have a good try. But before you do that, think of it this way: 68% of mums said that something did work!

And while we’re playing at Pollyanna; be glad if you’re not suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe, debilitating nausea in pregnancy), which has achieved celeb status since poor Kate was hospitalised with this horrible version of morning sickness.

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A new formula to predict pregnancy chances

For how long do you have to ‘try’ before you give up and call the doctors? Is the fact that you have not been able to conceive (yet) just bad luck or an actual fertility problem?

Scientists have worked out a mathematical formula to predict pregnancy chances to answer these questions!

A study conducted by researchers from Warwick Medical School and other institutions in the UK and Germany have deduced that the number of cycles of prior attempted conception without success affects the intrinsic conception rate. In other words; the longer you have been ‘trying’, the less likely you are to succeed.

This has mostly to do with age (something we knew already); as women age their fertility declines. But what most of us aren’t really sure of is when to ask for help. The rule of thumb is to wait a year, and if nothing has happened then it’s time to see a doctor. But is this time period the same for all ages?

The researchers involved in the study have come up with a formula that estimates the likelihood of a couple’s chance of becoming pregnant naturally, and judges when it is time to seek advice from a doctor. The formula has been calculated using existing data from previous studies on pregnancy rates.

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What is Tocophobia?

Tocophobia – also known as ‘tokophobia’, maieusiophobia and ‘parturiphobia’ – is the fear of childbirth, and also pregnancy.

I know what you’re all thinking: pregnancy – child birth in particular – is pretty darn scary, so don’t all women suffer from degrees of tocophobia? Well… being nervous and having a phobia are altogether different.

Although most women dread the pain of childbirth, those suffering from tocophobia fear it to such an extent that they may even avoid becoming pregnant or have an abortion in spite of really wanting to have a child. It you’re worried this is you, it’s best to consult a professional – The Birth Trauma Association is a great place to start!

As for nerves – we all have them. When I was pregnant; rather than think about the whole ‘giving birth ordeal’ I lived in Pleasantville until I no longer had an option – i.e. labour was on. This is probably not the best way of managing things but it was how I coped.

A recent study, conducted by researchers at the University of Oslo, has shown that women nervous about labour are likely to take longer to give birth: nervous women typically take eight hours to give birth, while those who aren’t scared take six and a half hours.

The study also said that frightened women were more likely to need intervention; an epidural or a caesarean. The study involved a psychological test on 2,206 women who were 32 weeks pregnant.

What is Tocophobia

The results are interesting and in my mind, merely suggest that it’s important to have a support network throughout pregnancy and birth; people who you can be real with. Talk about your fears and acknowledge them as okay.

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Free stuff for mum and baby!

Dear mums, if you’re anything like me you’ll never pass up an opportunity for free stuff! offers a bounty of FREE STUFF for mum and baby!

If you’ve been pregnant recently, you may remember receiving a bounty pack – perhaps at the hospital when your babs was born or even before that. Here’s the news: you are eligible for FIVE bounty packs with loads of free sample goodies in them.

The first is a Pregnancy Information Folder, then a Mum-To-Be pack, a Mum’s pack a Newborn pack and lastly a Family pack.

You should receive your packs from a Bounty Lady or health professional or you can collect them from Boots or Superdrug stores upon the presentation of a voucher code received in your first information pack.

Free stuff for mum

The Bounty site explains how to claim packs and what to do if you did not receive yours.

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