My daughter Amelia recently turned two. What a cool age! Yes… she’s increasingly more independent, significantly more stubborn and a whole bunch more belligerent but she is communicative, cuddly and just so darn funny.

But my most favourite thing about being mum to a two-year-old is all of the “I love yous.” They roll out in abundance and I never tire of hearing “I love you mummy” or “love you lots.”

I know that there will come a time that “I love you” will perhaps not be proclaimed with the same readiness – those pesky teen years – so I am making sure that I do not take for granted my daughter’s offering.

My daughter’s first “I love you” went to a black and purple caricature kitty that was displayed on a shelf in my house for a couple of weeks over Halloween.

Amelia, a lover of all things cat, loved the kitty. A few days later mummy and daddy were included in the ‘love you’ equation and a few months later my daughter is not shy to express her love for her favourite things.

This very morning I heard Amelia proclaiming her love for a pot of cream… the words “I love you cream” echoed down the passage with great gusto and enthusiasm. I laughed out loud.

Does that fact that my daughter has embraced the all-applicable concept of pop-culture love, by marrying the notions of ‘love’ and ‘like’ in the subconscious equation of her love for me to her love for a blob of moisturiser, undermine her verbal expression of her love for me?

Not a chance!

Keep ‘em rollin’ baby girl! And kisses and cuddles are also welcome – in copious amounts.


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