The Strange UK Laws That Still Exist

Britain’s legal system has taken centuries to reach the point it is at today. Over the years, various laws have been made, altered and done away with. Oliver Cromwell’s law that mince pies were not to be eaten on Christmas Day being one of the more well-known ones, and certainly a law that needed to go! Although…that’s not to say that all of Britain’s strange laws are dead and gone. Some of them are still very much alive today! These are just a few of them.

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Before You Start To Cycle To Work – Read This!

There are plenty of reasons why you might decide that you want to start cycling to work. The weather’s improving; it’s cheaper; it’s good exercise; you like to feel the wind on your face to help wake you up in the morning…


The potential benefits of cycling to work are many. However, there are a few less good things about a cycling commute too (one of the big ones being the potential for it to start raining cats and dogs when you’re only halfway there!).

So, if you’re going to join the cycle revolution and start cycling to work, read these tips first. They could save you a fair few problems later on!

  1. Keep dry clothes at work in case you get caught in the rain on the way in.
  2. Have your cycling shoes, bike, lunch, charged mp3 – whatever you might need, all ready to go the night before (it’ll help to keep you from talking yourself out of the ride in the morning).
  3. Make sure you have a good bike lock! You don’t want to leave work only to find that your bike has left without you in the hands of an opportunist thief.
  4. Vary the route you take into work. It’ll keep your commute enjoyable and interesting.
  5. Use lights during the day and at night so you’re visible! And make sure the batteries still have power in them. Wearing hi-vis is also a must.
  6. Take baby wipes and deodorant with you – in case you get hot and sweaty on the way (though you might be lucky and your work place might have showers, or showers nearby).
  7. Ease yourself into it! Maybe cycle two days a week at first, then up it to three days a week, and so on. Remember, cycling to work doesn’t necessarily have to be something you do every day.