My Little Masterpiece

Fun in the Rain

There’s no need for rain to stop play when you have little ones! There are loads of ways you can have fun without being stuck indoors. So, don your wellies, grab your umbrella and let’s go!


Fun in the Rain

Ok, let’s take this first bit of inspiration from Peppa Pig – go and splash in muddy puddles! Everyone loves muddy puddles!


Or, instead of jumping in them, jump over them! See how far you can jump!


Who can catch raindrops? Catch them on your hands, your tongue or take a cup or bucket with you and see how full it can get.


Follow the rain as is flows down the street or into a drain – have a race and see if you can get there first!


Watch how the rain makes things change. Look at the grass, the soil or sand, see the way things change colour or collect pools of water.


Find puddles and throw stones into them, see who can make the biggest splash and watch the water as it ripples.


If you’re brave and it’s raining really hard (and it’s warm) take an outside shower! Wash your hair or take the soap out with you and see how much lather you can make.


Depending on your garden, make mud pies or castles in the wet soil.


If you live near a hill or a stream, find some moving water and race sticks!


Go for a walk where animals may have been and see if you can find tracks in the mud, them guess what animals they were.


Pretend to be animals that love water. Be a duck, a frog or a fish!


Dance in the rain! See who can do the silliest dance that makes the most splashes!


And, of course, let’s not forget to go and look for a rainbow when the rain stops!