13 Things That Dads Should Bring to the Hospital

A lot of fuss gets made about mummy-to-be’s hospital bag. But even though mama is the one with the title role during the big ‘L’, Daddy doesn’t exactly have it breezy playing sidekick. So here’s a list of a few pre-packed supplies for him that will make for a better prepped birthing partner — and thus a happier mummy (or as ‘happy’ as one can get between contractions).

13 Things That Dads Should Bring to the Hospital

1. Loose change.

If you’re in for a long haul, you’ll need money for the hospital car park. Lots of it.

2. Digital camera, camcorder, or smartphone.

If you want to bring a camcorder, check with the hospital’s delivery room regulations beforehand. Make sure batteries are fully charged, and bring spares.

3. Pillow.

Hospital bedding sucks. Bring your own pillow from home, or get a decent travel-sized one. But whatever you do, don’t try catch some zzz’s while your other half is labouring away – or you might have to use said pillow to fend off the punches.

4. Snacks.

Nobody wants a crabby man-baby complaining of hunger pangs mid-labour, so bring plenty energy-boosting sustenance. This will also save dosh that you would otherwise be spending on vending machine junk food. Mini cooler boxes are a good idea, too. And don’t forget the H2O.

5. Extra shirts.

There’s a strong possibility the shirt you walk into the delivery room with will get ripped to shreds. Don’t be scared. Just bring extra shirts.

6. Comfortable shoes.

You’ll probably be doing plenty walking with your partner in early labour, pacing up and down corridors and speeding through wards in search of the vending machine (because you forgot to pack food, obviously).

7. A timer app for your phone.

You will need to time contractions -first out of necessity, and then out of sheer boredom. Or as a way to stave off the crushing guilt that you’re doing practically nothing while your woman brings life into the world.

8. Swim trunks.

Handy if a water birth is part of the birth plan, or if Mummy needs assistance in the shower post-labour.

9. Toothbrush and toothpaste.

And deodorant. You may not be the one pushing, but oh, you’ll be sweating.

10. Painkillers.

It’s unlikely that anyone will pay attention to your maladies, so it’s best to pack any medication you think you may need. Also; you’ll no doubt have a dehydration headache from all the aforementioned sweating. And because you forgot to pack the water, obviously.

11. Laptop, tablet or other things to do.

No amount of back rubbing or breath-coaching will make labour any easier or less painful, and sometimes women just want their beloveds out of their face while they focus on the task at hand. Mobile technology works a charm in distracting you from feeling as helpless as you are.

12. Birth plan.

Discuss certain medical procedures and complications with Mummy beforehand, and in what ways she would like to handle them. There may come a point where she needs someone she trusts to speak for her if she’s unable to do so herself.

13. Flowers, chocolate, or other ‘push present’ for mum.

Because, duh.

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