Month: February 2011

Capturing memories on film

Apparently six weeks’ worth of EastEnders is the amount of video footage recorded in the first year of a baby’s life by some mums! I am pretty sure that I am included in this statistic. Logic suggests that if I have collected six weeks’ worth of film that means that I have spent the equivalent […]


Healthy eating snacks for kids by Plum

There are so many delicious snacks on the market for babies and toddlers that I sometimes feel a pang of jealousy as I stand in the aisle selecting tasty treats for my one-year-old daughter! And I am pushed to admit that I did eat an entire bag of Organix Carrot Stix that I had actually […]


Busy, working Mums…How do we do it?!!

Becoming a mum has placed some serious strain on my brain. I have named my newly acquired penchant for forgetfulness ‘mummy mush brain’. Managing my one-year-old daughter and her masses of paraphernalia whilst working from home is serious business. I always seem to forget something or other during the day – whether it is not […]