Month: June 2012

Caffeine free tea while pregnant

If you’re preggers and have decided to ditch caffeine or you’ve had your caffeine quota for the day but still need more tea to keep you sane, Mama Tea offers a caffeine free tea while pregnant range designed with mums-to-be in mind. Mama Tea teas have been specifically blended to taste good by a Master Tea […]


The average British family favourite activities

Sometimes it’s really difficult to think of fun activities that are suitable for all of the ages, temperaments and tastes that comprise your family unit. When grumpy granddad is griping, toddler is testy and dad is disgruntled, manic mum is moaning and angry adolescent is… angry, family fun becomes a chore. This is, of course, […]


Old Macdonald Kids iPhone app

My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter loves to sing. We always have music playing in our house and she definitely responds to what she hears. But her favourite song is “Old MacDonald” – much to my despair. The reason I despair is because I am commanded, on a daily (often hourly) basis to sing “Donald”. What started off […]