Month: April 2013

Should children swim after eating?

One of my pet childhood peeves was being told to wait a half hour after I had eaten lunch (or whatever) before I was allowed to swim. Children, but nature, are never great with the whole delay of gratification thing and being told to avoid the beautiful, crisp, clear blue water that was not just […]


A perfect mother and daughter activity!

There’s no denying; Disney princesses are awesome! And Disney knows it. The company has made millions (billions most likely) on the dolls, dresses and paraphernalia linked to its princess films. And I’ve certainly contributed my fair share – so has my daughter’s granny. I recently came across a fab little article that has used the […]


Best family getaway for 2013

I’ll bet that you can guess the best family getaway for 2013 (it’s held top spot since the 1940s)…that’s right! – Camping! Chalet apartments and anything self-catering were also high on the list. A recent survey set out to uncover the changing face of family holidays over the past 60 years, and discovered that camping is […]