Month: July 2013

Peppa Pig – a bad influence on children?(!)

MailOnline recently wrote on reports that parents are finding that the immensely popular Peppa Pig is having a negative impact on their children’s behaviour. Peppa Pig? A bad influence on children? Children are apparently mimicking Peppa and younger brother George who talk back to parents with belligerent responses such as “no”, “yuk”, and demanding chocolate cake […]


The many meanings of ‘Mummy’

My youngest of two is a one-and-a-half and totally scrummy. I love this intermittent sort-of-baby-pre-toddler age where words stumble out of their little mouths with an awkwardness that is just too charming to resist. My daughter mimics speech with her best efforts, and she is pretty good (if I may say so myself), but sometimes […]


A new study shows young children value people that help them

My daughter is three-and-a-half and she loves to help – unequivocally and unashamedly. Whether it’s helping dad fix his bike, helping me wash the dishes and especially helping with dinner or dad’s famously delicious pancakes – whatever the task, Amelia will be there with her best intentions. Of course, her version of helping is not […]