Month: October 2013

A fun site that will help your kids with phonics

My daughter has just started nursery (she turns 4 in December) and although they don’t really get to phonics until their Reception year, I figure that there’s no harm in starting her early – in a casual, fun type of way. Although I have a teaching background, it’s at Uni/Secondary school level and I am […]


Designer baby changing bags by Nova Harley

Here’s the funny thing about mothers: we love to be mums but we don’t always like to look like mums. I’m not talking about dressing to the nines for the school run, I’m talking about an overall defiance of the notion that motherhood denotes track pants and unwashed hair – which it does sometimes but […]


Five top Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween is a really good excuse to get creative. There are so many fun, cool crafts that coincide with the festival and with half-term coming up; you’ll (no doubt) be looking for ideas to keep your little ones busy. Here are five top Halloween crafts for kids: 1. Pumpkin painting – if your children are […]