Month: April 2014

Toddlers on a leash: the debate

No doubt you’ve seen mums and dads walking along the pavement, two-year-old in tow, literally – and either cringed in horror or unashamedly championed the effort. The pros and cons of using a leash to control children – it’s an on-going debate amongst parents. Parents who condone the use of a safety harness use it […]


Do UK children eat too much salt?

I’m not sure about the other mums out there but I am super conscious of the amount of salt my children (four, two and 2-months) ingest. I’ve read that children who eat excessive amounts of salt are 40 per cent more likely to have high blood pressure, compared with children who eat lower amounts of […]


Which fruit and veg to buy organic

To organic or not to organic? That is the question. Thanks to the mixed messages propagated by conflicting research, as parents it’s difficult to know whether ‘organic’ is something worth investing in for the sake of our children. Do we go ‘all organic’ or just replace some things – it’s a big decision because organic […]