Month: August 2014

Should kids be taught to share?

Should kids be taught to share? The answer seems fairly obvious but some parents don’t believe in it – and their reasons seem somewhat valid. I recently read about a preschool (parent-run co-op) that has an alternative type of sharing policy: children can keep a toy as long as they want to. If another child […]


Why video games might be good for children

Video games (and the like) have a bad rap when it comes to media coverage, with loads of research articulating the negative effects of too much gaming. And isn’t ‘too much’ the operative point; when things are done in moderation, there’s not usually much complaining to complain (or report) about. […]


The UK’s Top Holiday Hot Spots for Children

Holiday park operator, Parkdean, has just launched its annual The UK Our Way guide, which features 2014s top boredom-busting UK destinations and fun-filled attractions, as voted for by children for children. So if you’re looking for ideas… …here’s a snapshot of what the guide has to offer (the top three places voted for in each […]