Month: February 2015

Blade & Rose baby leggings

If you and your baby have not yet discovered the unadulterated awesomeness of baby leggings, let this be a heads up! My one-year-old son has been wearing the same leggings for no less than six months and they still fit him as perfectly as the day he first wore them. They’re super comfy, easy to […]


The Happy Sleeper – a book to help baby sleep

So you’d love your baby to sleep (boy, would you!) but you’re not all that partial to either of the two main methods that seem to dominate the moment’s market – ‘cry it out’ or ‘co-sleeping’; you’d prefer something in the middle. In which case, The Happy Sleeper might be just the book for you! […]


5 tips on how to teach your tot good manners

Manners are important; not just important – crucial! According to Prima Baby & Pregnancy psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson, “…a child with good manners is more popular with peers and adults. Nobody likes to spend time with a child who can’t share, who makes constant rude noises, interrupts mid-conversation or barges to the front of the […]