Month: June 2015

Lumipotti: the 2-in-1 nightlight potty!

It can be pretty hard to get excited about a potty; not only because of what its mere presence portends – a daunting, exasperating time that will test the very fibre of your being (and your carpeting) – but also because, generally speaking, potties have but one, singular, boring function. Brand new, award-winning LumiPotti, on […]


Children’s Electronic Dictionary

A dictionary is a wonderful, essential thing – so many magnificent words; an imagination expander. Children should have one but the clunky Oxford version just won’t cut it in the current age of who-needs-to-a-book -when-I’ve-got-a-smartphone/Kindle? The Internet has all the answers but still…a good old-fashioned dictionary – come on! […]