Month: November 2015

The 20 Best Books for 5 and 6-Year-Olds

It’s at the ages of 5 and 6 that reading takes on a whole new dimension. It’s at these ages that not only are children learning to read but they are beginning to pay attention to the complexities of storytelling – character development and the underlying emotions that drive words and text. It’s an amazing […]


Have you heard of Illustries?

Founded in 2011 by duo Emma Penrice and Samantha Smith to offer innovative and stylish keepsake products to capture life’s special moments, Illustries’ collection of beautifully designed books are fast becoming a ‘must-have’ among style savvy families. The family collection comprises a range of contemporary and beautifully-designed baby record books, brag books, a unique advent […]


How to Make a Candy-Free (FUN) Gingerbread House!

No truly kitsch-tastic, bonafide Christmas bonanza is complete without a Gingerbread House. But kids are stuffed full of sugary treats over the festive season as it is, and decorating such a gorgeously delicious abode with yummy goodies galore is just a mouthful of cavities waiting to happen. (And then you’d be forced to gorge it […]