Month: March 2016

The World’s Worst Children — David Walliams’ Surprise New Book!

David Walliams, comedian and author of The Slightly Annoying Elephant, The First Hippo on the Moon and The Queen’s Orang-Utan has announced the surprise publication of a collection of cautionary tales…this time about the wildest species of ’em all – KIDS! Ahead of his scheduled novel due out in September, Walliams’ bonus book will be published […]


6 Tips to Get Your Tot to Take Medicine

I’ll never forget my panic the first time I had to administer meds to my daughter. It didn’t go down well (it hardly went down at all), and the only thought in my head as I cowered from the gnashing jaws and windmilling limbs was “Who swopped my lil’ darling with this banshee baby??” The problem in […]