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Early Walking could mean Future Success for Your Baby

Not to fuel the fires of competitive parenting or anything, but according to a new study, if your babs is an early crawler or walker, chances are that later life successes are sure to follow, too.

baby first steps

Research published in the Paediatrics Journal have looked at 599 milestone reports recorded by mothers of children born between 2008 and 2010 and found a link between the age at which babies first stood and their cognitive abilities at age four. Continue reading

UK Hospital Gives New Mums First Finnish-Style Baby Boxes

The Scottish first minister recently announced a nation-wide pledge to offer new parents a free ‘baby box’; the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and now the makeshift cardboard cots are being rolled out in British hospitals, too.

baby box

Newbie mums who give birth at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital will each receive a baby box for their little ones to sleep in, in a bid to reduce the UK’s high rate of reported cot deaths – experts say that because of their size, the boxes reduce the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or ‘cot-death’ by preventing babies from rolling onto their tummies. Continue reading

The One Benefit Fish Oil WON’T Give Mum and Baby

Fish oil has long been lauded as one of the prime prenatal supplements- not only can it help beat the odds of getting postnatal depression, it can also reduce the risk of your child developing asthma and enhance foetal growth of the brain and eyes.

Fish oil capsules

But there’s one effect purported by previous studies that loading up on Omega 3s won’t have: combating childhood obesity.  Continue reading

Pregnant and Stressed? Chill Out for Better Postpartum Health, says Study

It’s no secret that carrying a baby to term is hard work – and not just physically; the emotional toll wrought by the impending, irrevocable, life-change is seriously taxing, and admonitions to relax and chill are way easier said than done. Yet apart from making the 9 month stretch a little less stressful, a new study emphasises the bigger reason mums-to-be should be taking it slow.

pregnant woman in field

According to recent research published in The Journal of Physiology, getting strung out while pregnant may cause long-term health problems, including adrenal, metabolic and cardio-renal issues – long after baby arrives. Also, being born small yourself is another potential problem area. Continue reading

Partners are the Most Important Allies against Postpartum Depression

The online construction of motherhood – all the ‘perfect mother moment’ posts plastered over Facebook, the cropped and filtered Instagram selfies of parent-child bliss, and those crafty mummy blogs that make you feel less of a human because you barely have time to wipe a butt properly, let alone turn a toilet roll into a DIY shabby chic stationary holder – has finally received its comeuppance.

new parents

The belated backlash has been to get real about parenthood – particularly first-time parenthood: In short, it’s not for sissies. Continue reading