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Does Your Mood Affect Your Unborn Baby?

According to Dr. Thomas Verny, the guy responsible for founding the Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health, a mother’s emotions can cross into the womb “as surely as alcohol and nicotine.”

pregnant woman on sofa

It’s a pretty strong statement – mums-to-be are bombarded with warnings to lay off anything that could compromise baby’s health, but those cautions are usually limited to the tangibles; no stinky cheese, no vino, and, of course, no more smoke breaks. Cultivating a healthy psyche, on the other hand, typically receives less of an emphasis.

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Nesting: Is it an Actual Thing – or a Pregnancy Myth?

Plenty creatures nest. And humans, despite their disconnect from their more primitive origins, are no less subject to the primal instinct. For modern day Homo sapiens, the term ‘ nesting ’ obviously goes beyond the concept of building a literal receptacle for offspring, and is widely documented amongst pregnant women about to give birth.

egg nest

But is it really an actual thing – a biological fact?

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The Top Baby Names Inspired by Nobel Prize Winners

Not everyone is itching to get on the hipster baby naming bandwagon; for some, it’s the legacy behind the moniker – not the popculture power, nor the #totes unique (read: totally bonkers), never-been-seen appeal.

baby reading book

If you’re looking for a title that has its origins in actual noble – or Nobel – pursuits, the type that will hold some serious gravitas against its Pokemon-inspired counterparts and the like, this list is for you.

Names For Boys

Introducing the science, peace and literature big-guns that totally rocked the world as we know it:


For: Werner Heisenberg

Why: Discovered the underlying principles of quantum mechanics.


For: Kofi Annan

Why: Shared his peace prize with the entire United Nations, of which he was the Secretary General at the time.


For: Desmond TuTu

Why: Archbishop TuTu was awarded his prize for his stand against South African apartheid.


For: Woodrow Wilson

Why: Woodrow Wilson bagged his prize for establishing the League Of Nations.


For: Linus Pauling

Why: Two-time Nobel prize-winner: once for peace, because he actively campaigned against weapons of mass destruction, and one in chemistry – another quantum physics pioneer who explored the nature of the chemical bond.


For: Ernest Hemingway

Why: Awarded the prize for “his master of the art of narrative”. Boom.

Names For Girls

Girl power was around long before Wannabe assaulted the airways:


For: Gerty Cori

Why: A scientist who fought to be admitted to medical school long in a staunchly patriarchal climate, and discovered how carbohydrates are broken down, leading to advances in diabetes research.


For: Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard

Why: Research with fruit flies earned Christiane a shared Nobel prize in medicine, with her discoveries unlocking incredible mysteries about evolution.


For: Ada Yonath

Why: The first Israeli woman to win a Nobel prize (for chemistry), breaking the 45 year cycle of male-only title holders in 2009.


For: Mother Teresa

Why: You have to ask?


For: Toni Morrison

Why: For her powerful expression of the experience of African American women, “characterised by visionary force and poetic import”.


For: Malala Yousafzai

Why: A leading advocate of girls’ rights, Malala took the honour in 2014 for her part in the struggle against the suppression of young people and for the right for all children to education.


Will Your Baby Be a One Day Maths Whizz? A New Study Claims to Predict Just That

It’s no secret that being able to work with numbers can not only open up plenty of career doors, but on an everyday practical level, just makes life that bit easier.

child with glasses pointing

We’d all love to be able to predict whether our kids will need a helping hand in the subject before they hit difficulties – now, a new study could be the key to unlocking whether or not your precious will have a true aptitude for arithmetic. Continue reading