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The Influence of Instagram on Preggie Mums

In a recent article in The Guardian, both a GP and a former Olympian weighed in on those magical disappearing postpartum belly shots on Instagram, and how the trend for touting a toned physique just weeks after giving birth is sending potentially dangerous messages to new mums – quite literally putting their health at risk.

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Och Aye! The Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland!

Parents looking for an uber-unique baby name will often look pretty far afield to find it; turns out, though, that inventive monikers are closer to home than one might think. Check out Scotland – yup – for their list of unusual, but no doubt soon-to-be-usurped (er, most of ’em, at least) trailblazing titles…

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Snoo: The Cot that Promises to Send Your Tot to Sleep in Minutes

Maximising the zzz’s is every sleep-deprived parent’s goal – albeit a rarely realised one. Check out this ingenious cot that promises to achieve just that, rocking your tot to lalaland within literal minutes…

Snoo cot

Developed by famed baby sleep whisperer and paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, along with MIT industrial design experts, the “smartest, and safest baby bed” in the world, The Snoo, claims to get babies to sleep far more effectively than an exhausted pair of newbie (or even well-seasoned) parents can. Continue reading

The Science Behind Why Your Kid Loves Elmo

It’s no secret that Muppets hold a special type of magic for tots; the motley crew of fuzzy critters are admittedly pretty adorable. One resident of Sesame Street in particular is a firm favourite amongst pint-sized Muppet fans, and it turns out there’s actual psychological reasons for his popularity – regardless of how downright inane his sketches can be).


According to Alison Zeidman, little kids go gaga over Elmo because they view him as “an avatar” for themselves.

Director of the Centre of Toddler Development at Barnard College, Tovah Klein, says that he’s “just like toddlers who are in a exploratory stage of life — like little scientists, trying out and exploring what is around them, delighting in it.”

Elmo initially started out as an extra on the children’s television show Sesame Street, but eventually got his own 15 minute segment called Elmo’s World because his audience could not get enough of that signature high-pitched voice, third-person speech pattern, and totally unjudgy way of looking at the world and engaging with his peers.

In short, Elmo, self-described as “3-and-a-half-years-old”, is designed to look and act like your very own tot; so it’s no wonder that young ones gravitate towards his character and form a bond.

Even more interesting, the show’s writers have worked his script in such a way that Elmo learns words at the same rate as an actual toddler – along with all the humorous spoonerisms as he hones his vocab. Elmo also speaks in “Parentese,” the same slow and varied pitch mums and dads instinctively use to get their tykes’ attention and teach language cues.

On a more basic level, his red colour is innately appealing for kids, too – red is one of the first shades of colour that they learn to distinguish.

Perhaps the biggest reason this big-hearted lil’ guy is so well-liked amongst his target demographic is that his puppeteers conceived his personality as “the embodiment of love” – which, on good days, is exactly what tiny kids are…

…provided they get their dose of Elmo.