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The Evolution of the Pram: How Your Most Important Bit of Baby Gear Came to Be

There’s plenty baby bits and bobs you can do without, but one of them definitely isn’t the pram. The pram/stroller/buggy/mini-chariot is a long-term investment that will see you and your tot through many a nap (here’s hoping), shopping expedition – what else are those handles for if not for weighing down with grocery bags?! – and, eventually, all those times when, even though your kid can walk, you’d rather get to your destination sans the whinging over tired legs – or a feral child running rampant.

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Toilet Training: 10 Signs It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Nappies

Tackling toilet training is a particularly momentous rite of passage out of babyhood and into the great beyond – but, much like big boy pants, there isn’t always a ‘one-size-fits-all’ timeline to mastering the potty; every tot develops and learns at his own pace. There are, however, some key signs that can let you when your little tyke might be ready to try this next step into toddlerdom…

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Spring into 2017 with Sudocrem’s Trampoline Challenge

This Spring we have launched the Sudocrem Trampoline Challenge, where trampoline clubs can earn a whopping £1000 for their club!

If you are a part of a trampoline club, you and your crew need to theme and choreograph your own trampoline routine especially for Sudocrem, film it and upload it for your chance to win the cash prize. Our favourite entry, drawn in March 2017, will bag the prize fund of £1,000 for their club. Go on, give it all you’ve got!

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for entries that are expertly executed, show some seriously good air skills that involve club members of all ages… The rest is up to you!

Entry instructions

  • Your video entry should be no longer than 2 minutes
  • Entries are open to UK Trampoline Clubs only and not individuals
  • There is no limit to the amount of people appearing in your routine
  • Each video will be reviewed before being placed live
  • Entrants uploading the video need to be 18 years+

There are two ways you can upload your entry!

Entry method 1

  • Upload your video to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SudocremTrampolineChallenge
  • Your video will appear in the gallery within 48 hours

Entry method 2

  • Upload the video to YouTube
  • Submit your link to the upload link below
  • Your video will appear in the gallery within 48 hours
  • Upload Here.

When can I enter?

Campaign entry starts: 1st February 2017
Campaign entry closes: 19th March 2017

Always read the label.

Terms and conditions apply. UK residents only.