Month: August 2017

Threadworms. Eew. Now What?

The law of averages dictates that at some point, threadworms will probably become your family’s dirty little secret…and unless you want a plague of vermiform pestilence in your household, you have to treat them. Here’s how. […]


10 Tips Avoid Your Toddler’s Dinner Meltdown

So statistics say that eating dinner together as a family helps kids to develop into emotionally adjusted, socially responsible, and just plain happier, adults. But how do you possibly create that conducive, feel-good familial atmosphere when every night at the table is an exercise in misery–born purely out of something so banal as toddler food refusal? […]


Hair Loss after Pregnancy? Don’t Freak Out

No–you won’t go bald; it’s just another random quirk of pregnancy. Here’s why you shouldn’t lose sleep over losing your hair. Telogen effluvium, the excessive shedding of hair that occurs one to five months postpartum, is fairly common, affecting around 50% of women; and, most importantly, is not a permanent condition. During pregnancy, more hairs go into the […]