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Meet “Oli”: The Pregnancy Patch that could be a Birth Gamechanger

The experience of birth is unique to every woman, but for most, it is never a simple experience; and while there are some aspects that we can moderate (slightly), there are other things–like the discomfort of staying stationery for the purpose of monitoring, for sometimes hours on end–that we’ve just come to accept as par for the course. An Australian engineer and mum, however, may be changing at least one of those ‘unchangeable’ parts of delivery.

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When Will My Toddler Speak in Sentences?

Humans are greedy by nature; and this unique trait extends further than just the acquisition of possessions or that second slice of cake–a child’s developmental milestones are also a cause for impatience, especially once his first word has been uttered. Your toddler will likely have graced you with his inaugural attempt at articulate verbal expression by one year. And then…nothing much more for a good long while. Try to relax. This is completely normal–and there’s still hope for your future debater, yet.

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Kids Won’t Sit Still for Storytime? Here’s How to Read to Them (and Enjoy It)

Not every child is born with the ability to sit quietly and pore over a book. If you’ve more than one kid, it’s probable you’ve come up against this phenomenon: no two humans are the same. Of course, learning to sit still long enough to take in a good story will come with age…eventually; but that doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel–or toss out the books–until this momentous change happens. Start with this invaluable bit of insight: Just because they won’t sit still doesn’t mean they don’t like reading; and check out the tips below to help tailor storytime to your audience.

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