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How to Teach Your Kids Perseverance

Recent studies show that persistence really does pay off; self-discipline and sticking to tasks–no matter how difficult–increases academic results independent of IQ. This is ground-breaking stuff, because it implies we, and our children, are not confined to deterministic principles: we can achieve because we set our minds to do so. But how to we impart that life-changing self-belief to our kids? As with communicating every other nugget of parenting wisdom, we have to walk the walk.

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The Best Baby Names from the 90s

For many a mum-to-be, the 90s would’ve formed a sizeable chunk of their childhood nostalgia. Of course, nostalgia tends to remember what was with a heavy dose of rosy inaccuracies, but the decade before the millennium really did have some totally awesum stuff going for it; the Spice Girls, jelly shoes, My So-Called Life…(it wasn’t just the era of youth misspent in bomber jackets and cargo pants).

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10 Most Common Choking Hazards in the Home

Choking is one of parents’ biggest fears–because the threat is so immediate. Once your baby begins eating solids, and crawling, it can be a double danger when it comes to choking risks. But if you’re conscious about the foods you offer, and do careful floor checks before you let your tot roam, both developmental leaps need not be hampered by worry. Here are the top choking hazards to look out for in your home.

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