Month: November 2017

Why Does My Baby Spit Up?

Newborns may be tiny, but the amount of mess they produce is near-phenomenal. Besides the obvious, spit-up is another common laundry problem to which you must attend–but is usually normal, and disappears as your little one grows. […]


What’s That Soft Spot on My Baby’s Head?

The soft spot on your newborn’s head can be pretty freaky; it can also ratchet up the new parent paranoia exponentially–another notch up for every bulging pulse of the spot (in time with your baby’s heartbeat). Nevertheless, it’s a completely normal, natural feature, with important functions; and, more reassuringly, it won’t stick around for long. […]


Healthy First Birthday Smash Cake! 

There are key moments in your little one’s early years that make for unforgettable photo ops; the first birthday experience–or first birthday cake experience, to be exact–definitely tops the list. And is there anything more delicious than a baby covered in frosting? […]