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Best Christmas Gift Ever? LEGO Minifigures that Look Like Your Kids

Collecting minifigures is addictive no matter how old you are; the sheer variety makes the curating game especially challenging–but there may be some one-of-a-kind models that only you will have to have: minifigs made to look like your kids–or yourself, if you don’t find the idea of a 3cm plastic doppelgänger terrifying.

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What’s That Soft Spot on My Baby’s Head?

The soft spot on your newborn’s head can be pretty freaky; it can also ratchet up the new parent paranoia exponentially–another notch up for every bulging pulse of the spot (in time with your baby’s heartbeat). Nevertheless, it’s a completely normal, natural feature, with important functions; and, more reassuringly, it won’t stick around for long.

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