Month: February 2018

Why Does My Newborn Have Bow Legs?

It’s hardly surprising that many adorable ads featuring babies do not use newborns–because (while you obviously love your own madly) newborn babes are rarely ready for their close-up; squished, scrunched, covered in miscellaneous gloop, cross-eyed…and bow-legged. While they might not nab a cameo, the good news is that newbies eventually smooth out and straighten up–their […]


Delish and Simple Baby Supper: Aubergine and Tomato Bake!

Suitable from 10 months, this mouth-meltingly delicious veggie bake is easy on texture—and even more so on tastebuds. Also—aubergines are a typically under-utilised veg, even though they’re packed with incredible nutrition: potassium, vitamins B1 and B6, magnesium and antioxidants. Make this more-ish, health-boosting dish for the whole family in just under 30 minutes! […]


When Is It Safe to Use a Baby Pillow?

Baby pillows are marketed to prevent ‘flat head’ syndrome—or plagiocephaly—but safety experts advise parents only use them after baby’s first birthday. Here’s why. According to the NHS and safe sleep organisation the Lullaby Trust, pillows in a baby’s cot or crib pose a suffocation risk. If you want to elevate your baby’s upper half—to alleviate […]