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Let Them Eat Dirt, Says Scientist

That famous Marie Antoinette quote about cake and peasants was likely misconstrued, but this imperative for your own little plebeians isn’t—“Let them eat dirt!”, exhorts Dr. Jack Gilbert, director of the Microbiome Centre at the University of Chicago and coauthor of the book Dirt Is Good. Here—before you combust in sanitised indignation—is why.

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Top Tips for Protecting Your Child Against Ticks

The summer season is synonymous with picnics and frolics—usually in grassy, wooded areas. And such areas are synonymous with both harmless, and not so harmless creepy-crawlies. Ticks in particular are troublesome, because they could carry the bacterial infection Lyme disease. But rather than staying at home for fear of the bloodsuckers, here’s a safe (and far less miserable) way to protect your family against the dreaded tick.

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The Baby Gro Drying Hack—Have You Tried It?

It would be great to pretend life as a mum is more glamorous than feeding, cleaning, and mountains of laundry—but the reality is one continuous stretch of choredom. There are, however, some pretty genius hacks to make things less humdrum; here’s one for that mouldering pile of baby clothes we know that you know that we KNOW you’ve got hiding…

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