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This is What Peppa Pig Really Looks Like (and Parents Kinda Knew It All Along)

Peppa Pig, like most children’s beloved TV programmes, is, uh, peppered with inconsistencies. Why do Peppa and her baby brother George attend the same class at school? Why are some animals fully anthropomorphised while others remain mute and on four legs, a cruel Darwinian rejection joke? Perhaps we can suspend our disbelief because this is fantasy, after all. But there’s one anomaly that is far from fantasy—it’s the stuff of nightmares. Warning: what you’re about to see cannot be unseen.

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How to Choose the Right High Chair for Your Baby

As soon as your baby can sit upright—without assistance—you’re officially in the market for a high chair. This tends to be between 4 and 6 months, so right around the time feeding solids starts, too; which means the chair you choose isn’t just about comfort and safety, but durability (and plenty stain resistance). Here’s a run-down of exactly what to check for when shopping for this special addition to your furnishings.

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