Month: October 2018

The Biggest Myths About Raising a Bilingual Child

For some parents, raising their child to learn and understand two (or more!) languages may be a matter of practical necessity; for others, they may simply want to expose their offspring to more opportunities later in life through language. Whatever the good reason, myths abound about child development and being bilingual—here, experts set straight common […]


Can You Change Your Baby’s Name?

It sounds like sacrilege—but humans are totally fallible; even when it comes to bestowing symbolic monikers upon your beloved offspring. So if you do find your baby’s name doesn’t sound as sweet as in-utero—or the grandparents just can’t say it right, here’s how to change it. […]


Favourite Flower Names for Your Little Bloom

Flora-inspired monikers may have begun to bud as far back as the 19th century, but they never go out of fashion—in the spring and summer, they’re a celebration; in the colder months, they’re a sunshiny wish. Flowers are also tokens of love and affection—what title more befitting for a brand new babe? Here are the […]