Month: March 2019

Perfect Paella for Tots

Perfect Paella for Tots!

Little ones are born with a sweet tooth, so it’s a good idea to introduce them to the other side of the taste spectrum—and early on. Paella is the perfect introduction, with its savoury subtleties and variety of spice flavours. Try out this simplified version for your budding gourmand—and the whole family!—tonight. […]


a toy for children mucus and liquid flowing on hand on a white background

Gooey Goo Recipe for Hours of Fun!

Slime has had a bad rap lately—even the homemade versions, mostly because of the addition of Borax. Borax isn’t toxic to handle, but it’s a problem if ingested; and we know almost everything undergoes the taste-test when it comes to tiny humans. But fret not, here’s a safe slime—or goo—recipe to delight and enthrall little explorers for ages […]