Month: July 2019

how to help your kids learn to love dogs

How to Help Your Child Learn to Love Dogs

If your little one has a fear of dogs, they’re destined to have strained interactions aplenty—dogs are a plentiful part of life. What’s more, canines can read emotions pretty well, and if a kid shows they’re scared, the dog can become agitated, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Here’s how to help your children learn […]


How to deal with toddler temper tantrum

How to Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Your child’s first full-blown tantrum can take your breath away. Sure, you may find the episode amusing—at first. But the novelty quickly wears off when the banshee screeches and floor writhing becomes a daily occurrence. Here’s how to diffuse your little TNT package before things escalate. […]


Cervical dilation

Cervical Dilation 101

Until you experience labour, ‘cervix dilation’ will be an abstract term usually reserved for piquing a ridiculously unrealistic film scene. So what does it really mean? Here’s everything you need to know. […]