Month: December 2019

How to deal with a needy toddler

Children need attention and approval, and that’s a perfectly normal thing. However, attention seeking can be a problem when it happens all the time. Even more so if you have other children to consider.     Sometimes toddlers may misbehave purely to get your attention. Something that is very trivial can be turned into an […]


New Year’s Resolutions

From going to the gym more often, to cutting down on coffee and saving more money, we all make a New Year’s Resolution or two. Whether we stick to them or not is another matter!     New Year is a great time to get kids involved in some resolutions as well. Here are some […]


Christmas disasters!

From forgetting to turn the oven on to cook the turkey to being overheard discussing the ‘Santa’ presents you’ve bought that day, many parents have experienced disasters over the Christmas period. Here are a few that will give you a giggle.     “The turkey expanded in the oven, it was huge, and Daddy had […]