Month: August 2020


Fun summer craft ideas

Crafting is great fun for all ages, and an activity the family can enjoy together. Here are some lovely summer craft ideas.     Windsocks These are so easy to make and look lovely and colourful hanging in the garden. All you need is an old tin can, acrylic paint, colourful ribbons, and glue or […]



Energising smoothie recipes for busy parents

Get a quick and easy dose of vitamins and energise yourself with these delicious smoothie recipes – quick to make and ideal for busy parents.     Morning sunshine smoothie A great way to start the day with this sweet and tangy citrus recipe, packed with vitamin C. 2-3 freshly peeled and juiced tangerines 1 […]


building blocks

Creative ideas with building blocks

Many children love building blocks – from seeing how high they can build a tower to making cars, houses and boats. So, why not take advantage of this by trying some of these creative ideas? They can also help with your little one’s learning at the same time.     Letters Letter and number blocks […]



Cool ideas for toddler bedroom themes

As your little one starts to have their own ideas about the things they like, it’s time to think about creating a space for them to relax and play, surrounded by things that engage them, make them feel comfortable and help them rest easily.     Your toddler may have a favourite animal, sport, character […]