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3 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

A new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in has revealed that more than half of children and adolescents in the US don’t get enough hydration, and nearly a quarter of them don’t drink plain water at all – as reported by

Three easy ways to keep kids hydrated

Obviously the US is not the UK, but point taken!

By testing the urine concentration of participating children, researchers found that not only are children not drinking enough water but boys are 76 per cent more likely to be inadequately hydrated than girls. Lack of hydration affects circulation, metabolism, temperature regulation and waste removal and can result in headaches, irritability, poorer physical performance and reduced cognitive function. So it’s a big deal!

The next question is; what can we do to make sure our children are drinking enough? Certified health coach Danielle Shea Tan has some great ideas:

  • Eat water-filled foods; fruit and vegies, in other words. Fruit as a snack and with a meal is a good way to keep hydration levels up!
  • Liquid meals (such as soup, smoothies, fruit-based ice-lollies as a treat etc.) can improve hydration.
  • Make drinking water fun so children do it of their own accord – let them choose their own water bottles; add a slice of lemon, lime or orange to funk their drink up.
    Paediatric gastroenterologist Dr Pankaj Vohra (writing for BabyCenter) says that children between the ages of one and three needs about 1.3 litres of fluids a day. And HealthyKids suggests five glasses (1 litre) for 5 to 8 year olds, seven glasses (1.5 litres) for 9 to12 year old, and eight to ten glasses (2 litres) for children 13+ years.

Sources: – “Is Your Child Under-Hydrated? Most Are, and It Could Be a Health Risk” and “Drink Your Fill”.