4 Questions to Help Choose the Right Car Seat

They’re definitely not the most exciting – or cute – of baby stuff purchases you’ll make, but car seats are by far one of, if not the, most important. However, the sheer magnitude of models on the market can quickly turn the process of getting one into a stressful ordeal; check out Babyology’s car seat checklist to help you find the safest (and most practical) fit for your child.

Baby in car seat

1. Is it easy to install?

The surest way to get the hang of installing your car seat (properly) is to have it fitted by a professional; that way you can ensure its safe from the get-go, and you can learn correct installation for when you’ll need to move the seat yourself.

2. Will it protect your baby in a side collision?

High side walls and plenty padding is integral to safety. In the event of a side collision – the most common point of impact in automobile accidents – they’ll help to protect little ones’ developing necks from serious injury.

3. How long does the seat support a child in rear-facing position?

Rear-facing car seats are the safest because they fully support the head and neck, whereas in a front-facing the child’s head will be thrown forward in a crash, which can cause severe spinal injuries.

4. Is the seat compatible with a travel system?

Naptime is a precious thing for baby – and mum, too. While it’s not advisable to use the car seat as a regular sleep environment, being able to seamlessly transfer a slumbering newborn from car to pram, or carry it into the house so you can finally take that loo break, is an important sanity saver – so check to see if the car seat is compatible with an easy to use travel system.

Via babyology.com