5 Signs Your Baby is Overstimulated

Plenty babies fight sleep–and it can often seem as if they’d happily go on playing and socialising for hours without a break…that is, until, they suddenly go from zero to meltdown. Fact is, little ones are very easy overstimulated (the world is SO exciting, Mum!); no matter how vague their methods of communication may be–or your ability to pick up on their cues.

Screaming child

Here’s 5 warning signs your babe is prepping to release the Kraken…and five ways to tame the beastie back to his zen and cuddly self.

Jerky moves: If your baby’s movements become disorganised–or if he begins to ‘march’, it’s usually a hint that he’s trying to escape the chaos.

The head turn: Babies love faces; but if they spurn your loving looks by turning away, they’re likely sending the message that they need a little alone time.

Flying limbs: Fist clenching and kicking are just what they appear to be: a preview of an impending overtired battle.

Faster breathing: This can be tricky since tots obviously breathe faster if they’re excited; so check to see if your bubs is showing any other signs of being overstimulated.

Increased crying: It might start off as moaning that gradually ramps up into an unbroken siren wail, or a sudden screaming fit. If your ears are aching, you’ve probably waited too long to respond to the first signals of overstimulation.

How to Wind ’em Down

  • Take your baby somewhere quiet and removed from activity.
  • Swaddle, or wrap up in a sling or carrier to minimise exposure to sensory input.
  • Use relaxed body language and a low, soothing tone of voice to let your babe know it’s time to chill out.
  • Ensure that your baby is fed, dry, and comfortable.
  • Don’t feel pressured to stay at home all day so as not to mess with baby’s routine, but if there’s been a particularly disruptive period of excitement, try to take it easy on the calendar to allow your little one to feel safe and relaxed with the predictability of your regular schedule.

Via babyology