6 Ways to Beat the Morning Sickness Blahs

Finding out you’re pregnant – exciting, awesome, incredible,…all those amazing things. Actually dealing with being pregnant, aka perpetual porcelain throne hugging aka morning sickness…not so amazing.

Woman in discomfort

Check out 6 top tips to help you out in those early months of being preggers with morning sickness – when you wanna be happy, but life seems pretty blech.

1. Eat breakfast in bed.

Keep a couple crackers or other easy-to-eat titbit close at hand the minute you wake up; the typical morning sugar lows will exacerbate any feelings of nausea, having you running for the bathroom and pretty much ruining your day from the get-go.

2. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration will only make morning sickness worse. Set water goals for yourself by filling a large water bottle and giving yourself a fixed amount of time in which to drink it. Carbonation itself can help with nausea, too – so opt for sparkling if that’s your preference. Just remember that sugar-laden soft drinks are not the best alternative and tend to aggravate sensitive tummies.

3. Ginger is your new BFF.

Capitalise on the anti-inflammatory properties of this wonder root by eating plenty of it; in tea, candied, in ginger ale, or bake it into cookies.

4. Eat bland food and carbs.

This is your moment to carbo-load without the guilt; say no to spicy and heavily-seasoned food in favour of that bread basket. It’ll also ensure your energy levels are on an even keel when you don’t feel like chowing down on much else.

5. Don’t forget the protein.

A recent study revealed that many women find foods high in protein help ease tummy troubles during pregnancy – most likely because it helps ward off nausea-causing low blood sugar. If you’re struggling to get cheese, eggs or meat down, try bone broth.

6. Keep snacks packed

Keep snacking on nutritious munchies throughout the day to keep your glucose regulated. And never leave the house unless you’ve got your trusty stash of ready-to-eats packed.

Via coolmompicks.com