6 Ways to Boost Your Baby’s IQ

Forget fancy baby classes and flashy educational toys—cultivating your little one’s intelligence is simpler than you think.

Nine months old baby girl playing with her mother on the floor

Babies learn best when you play with them. Joining them in hands-on, multi-sensory activities—the basic, no-frills kind—is what really impacts intelligence. Here’s 6 ways to connect in a cerebral way with your bubs.


Babies cannot retain new info until they have their basic needs met. If you respond to your little one’s needs—food, safety, cuddles—you will help her to feel secure enough to explore her outside world and learn.


Just because your baby hasn’t mastered linguistics doesn’t mean reading is of no benefit; not only is the ritual of a bedtime book inimitably soothing, your bubs will also learn about the cadence and structure of language by listening to you, and can transfer this knowledge to when they first begin speaking themselves.

Use signing

Contrary to popular belief, teaching your tot sign language will not hinder their acquisition of the spoken word—if taught in conjunction with sounding out the corresponding words, symbolic gestures will only improve communication and bonding between parent and child, in turning bolstering cognitive and emotional intelligence.


According to Mommyish, “songs can be used to increase your baby’s language and comprehension skills”. This is because your baby will build her vocabulary by listening to repeated rhymes, and also build memory capacity.


It might feel weird talking to someone who can’t quite talk back, but your little pal is listening and absorbing everything. Don’t underestimate the power of narrating your household chore routine—or how you cut the carrots julienne; the simplest things baby has yet to understand, and this running commentary allows your bubs to draw connections between spoken words and objects.

Embrace the mess

Grin and bear messy sensory play; young children learn best by getting stuck in (literally), getting to grips with physics, problem solving, and honing their motor skills at the same time. Break out some edible play dough, paint, or just fill a tub with water and let your tot splash.

Via Mommyish