7 Simple Ways to Soothe Morning Sickness

“Just because it’s a common part of pregnancy, doesn’t mean women have to suffer with it,” says Marra Francis, M.D., an ob-gyn and contributing author to the Mummy MD Guides. “People do get relief, either by using natural remedies or traditional medications.”

With that said, get your grocery list at the ready—here’s the seven things you need to ease the tummy trouble.

Simple Ways to Soothe Morning Sickness


A powerful digestive anti-inflammatory, this root can be steeped in hot water to make tea, used to make lollipops, or even baked into biscuits.

Something Sour

Strangely, sour tastes help to alleviate nausea. Think lemon flavoured water, or sour sweets. Sometimes just a sniff of a lemon itself is enough to lift the queasiness.


Fresh mint is a brilliant stomach-soother—and, like lemons, is good for sniffing, too.

Crackers or Toast

Simple starches can help keep blood sugar on an even keel, whilst being plain enough to not push any nausea buttons.


If you’re struggling to keep solids down, blitz up a powerhouse of nutrition for a super-smoothie. The colder, the better.

Vitamin B6

Talk to your doc about taking extra vitamin B6, which is linked to reduced incidence of morning sickness.


The most important thing is to keep up your fluid intake, especially if you’re taking regular trips to the porcelain throne. If you’re finding it tough, alternate with fruit ice cubes, healthy lollies, or even ice chips and the standard glasses of h2O.

Via parents.com.