How to Make a Candy-Free (FUN) Gingerbread House!

No truly kitsch-tastic, bonafide Christmas bonanza is complete without a Gingerbread House. But kids are stuffed full of sugary treats over the festive season as it is, and decorating such a gorgeously delicious abode with yummy goodies galore is just a mouthful of cavities waiting to happen. (And then you’d be forced to gorge it all yourself for the greater good of your children.)

How to Make a Candy-Free (FUN) Gingerbread House!

To protect little toothies, and salvage the modicum of self-restraint you have left in your possession, this DIY cardboard gingerbread house is the perfect, perfectly jolly alternative. All you need is an empty cereal box, some craft supplies, and a couple eager elves…

First, download and print out the free gingerbread house template. One cereal box provides enough cardboard to make one gingerbread house.

Next, trace the template onto the inside of your empty cereal box, cut it out, and fold along the indicated lines. For the roof, you will need half of a cereal box side that is folded in half.

How to Make a Candy-Free (FUN) Gingerbread House!

If you want to make this the craft that keeps giving, add bits of self-adhesive Velcro to the exterior (for pompoms,  bits of felt, etc.) – even to hold the house itself together; then kiddies can break apart, rebuild and redecorate to their hearts’ content.

And if your young ‘uns lament the fact that they can’t eat their handiwork, you can always remind them that gobbling sweeties from gingerbread houses certainly did Hansel and Gretel no good…

(But nobody said anything about their mum helping herself to a marchpane slab or three.)

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