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As a one-time ballerina and former TV Director, I find being a full-time Mum far more demanding than either performing a three-act Ballet or directing highly-strung presenters for national television. But I’m grateful to my previous careers for giving me some invaluable coping tools for bringing up two young children – stamina, diplomacy and the ability to work unsociable hours. When I’m not on the school run or resolving toddler disputes, I love to cook, practise yoga and write, although not always simultaneously. In this blog, I hope to share with you some of my thoughts, feelings, tips and tricks to surviving motherhood – from pregnancy to birth and beyond!

The Importance of fitness in kids

We all know the benefits of exercise on our health, fitness and mood, Children’s need to exercise is no less (as any parent knows who’s been forced to keep their child indoors on a rainy day!).  With childhood obesity on the rise (a third of primary school children are now either overweight or obese), exercising for kids is more important than ever.  But now American scientists have discovered that not only is exercise good for children’s fitness, it can also make them brainier.

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The best children’s bag? LittleLife’s Toddler Daysack!

There is a huge choice when it comes to toddlers rucksacks and kids backpacks, I think I have unearthed the best children’s bag!

I’m not sure whether it’s a case of mimicking mummy’s omni-present handbag or just the innate desire to take precious things wherever they go, but children seem to adore having little bags to carry around.  My daughter will even put her favourite bag inside another bag, to ensure she is never short of the perfect carrier.

Monsoon make beautiful pint-sized totes for little princesses.  And Trunki do the coolest ride-on suitcases for junior travellers.  But surely the most practical everyday bag is LittleLife’s Toddler Daysack?

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The cutest baby gifts

If you’re a parent, you’ll know how precious a gift from your child is. A rocket ship made from toilet rolls is a work of art in the eyes of a proud father. The picture my daughter drew of a multi-coloured daisy has pride of place on my own desk. Anything they’ve made from their own dear hands, is a gift to be treasured. As such, we’ve also enjoyed making the usual canvas footprints, handprints et al. to commemorate how our children have grown over the years.

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