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What is ‘W Sitting’ and When Is It a Problem?

W sitting happens when tots sit on the floor on their knees, but with their legs splayed outward—making the letter ‘W’ from above. It’s a fairly typical posture for young children, but when it’s their only favoured position, it could create problems in posture and physical development.

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The Photo Series Poking Fun at Tantrums

Is it ok to laugh at your child’s plight? Many will say it’s entirely contextual—that and you should probably not roll around guffawing right in their face. After all, parenting is a delicate balance between semi-competently assessing situations, being a quasi-respectable role model, and laughing at any chance you can get. Or else you’ll weep.

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Is My Baby Suffering Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety gets a bad rap—but it’s a totally normal part of development, and actually an indication of the strong bond that exists between you and your little one. Somewhat counterintuitively, this is the time you need to be increasing the closeness with your bubs—helping them to understand they even though they’ve just figured out you’re an entity separate from themselves, they can still trust and rely on you.

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