Baby Bum Brush – the Baby Product You’ll (Unbelievably) Love

Did you know nappy creams instruct you to wash your hands before application to reduce the risk of transferring germs and bacteria from your hand to your baby’s sensitive skin?

Baby Bum Brush

Bet you didn’t – and if you did, who really has the time to be as rigorous with pre-change hygiene when poopsplosions threaten collateral damage of epic proportions? (Don’t pretend, mum; nobody’s judging here.)

A cursory glance at this seemingly simple spatula-style invention may have you chuckling at the absolute ridiculousness of today’s marketed nursery (non)essentials.

But wait just a minute for another fast factoid.

Yes, your finger could just as easily do the job of smearing a bit of bum cream on your bab’s tush; however — did you realise it could actually be the source of perpetuating nappy rash?

In the likely event that you don’t wash your hands before dealing with bambino’s business end, you might be transferring bacteria directly to baby’s sorest and most sensitive parts when you put nappy cream on the usual way.

Enter the Baby Bum Brush.

Baby Bum Brush

The mum-invented, ingenious tool, made from BPA free, soft and flexible silicone, is a naturally antibacterial applicator, shaped to “frost diaper cream on little bums” faster, with a smoother and thicker spread. It has a suction base so you can put it aside without getting cream everywhere while you put a new nappy on and it’s cleaned easily with a single swipe of a wipe.

(It also saves you from getting the icky residue underneath fingernails.)

Fondly referred to as the ‘baby butt paste spreader’ by mum and dad advocates, the ostensibly basic utensil has received rave reviews on Amazon; though if you’re still sceptical on whether it’s indispensable, check out just how effective it is in action:

The Baby Bum Brush is available to purchase online, with five different colours from which to choose. Product plus shipping will set you back around £15 – a small price to keep lil’ buns scrumptious, no?