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Baby celebration trends

Long ago, parenting seemed a lot simpler. You conceived; you made your way through pregnancy, brining a bundle of joy into the world, with the wonderful surprise of not knowing whether it would be a boy or a girl. Now, thanks to technology, we’re able to determine the sex of our children and even see their faces thanks to 3-D scans and imaging. But with this evolution also comes a host of ‘parenting trends’.

Baby celebration trends

Gender reveals

We can now discover the sex of our unborn child, which is great for those wanting to prepare and determine a name for the baby. But, there are others who take it one step further than a few phone calls to family members, and host a whole party revolving around revealing the gender of their baby. Gender reveal parties are a relatively new thing in the UK, and are met with mixed feelings, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your news in any way you see



Baby showers

The concept of a baby shower has been around for a long time, but has evolved over recent years from a little celebratory meal or get together with friends before your baby is born, to a massive party with games, gimmicks and lavish cakes. I had a baby shower and saw it as a way to get together with friends for dinner before motherhood took over.


Baby sprinkles

As the name suggests, this is a slightly toned-down version of a baby shower that’s thrown for mums who are expecting, but not for the first time. Usually a laid-back affair, the focus isn’t particularly on gifts so, instead of ‘showering’ the mum-to-be, it’s a chance to ‘sprinkle’ her with love, company, fun and support.


Arrival showers

Yep, you read that right. Evolving from the celebration of a little one’s imminent arrival into the world, people now also take the opportunity to celebrate when the time comes too! Slightly lower key, the idea stems around a little get together to introduce your baby people. Sounds like a good idea if you want to get most of your visitors in and out on the same day!