My Little Masterpiece

‘Baby suiting’ – the new social media trend

Back in the day it was babies and flowers – all those horrible Anne Geddes images. Now it’s ‘baby suiting’.

Popular parenting blog has made baby suiting a thing – like, seriously. Baby suiting has made the news in countries including India, Switzerland, New Zealand and the UK, of course.

So, what the heck is it?

It’s exactly what the name suggests – dress your baby in one of his papa’s work suits; the result is pretty awesome. Little heads, giant clothes…

…need I say more?

Since Mommy Shorts blogger Ilana Wiles posted a picture of her three-month-old nephew, Jack, modelling his father’s suit to Instagram, the trend has taken off and spans of parents have posted similar images under #babysuiting.

Pics are also posted on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page, which has 52,000-plus likes, so that you can share the hilarious cuteness with fellow baby suiting people.

And just a heads up: Ilana’s starting another child-related social media fad– it’s called “Rock that Animal Face” (aka #rockthatanimalface), which entails sticking an animal face over the head of your child via an app called Animal Face (go figure), downloaded HERE; a photo editor that allows you to get your crazy on by replacing human faces with animal ones. The app’s free but there are premium mask packages that you can buy.

If baby suiting is anything to go by, ‘rock  that animal face’ is going to be massive. Do it mums and dads, do it!