Baby talking development

Babytalk is a wondrous thing.  They seem to know exactly what they mean and their frustrated expressions show that it’s clearly us that has the communication problem, in not immediately grasping their every command.

See what I mean in this YouTube clip of a little girl chatting on a mobile to her daddy so enthusiastically that she refuses to give up the phone, long after he’s hung up…

Of course, as proud parents, we like to read things into that torrent of baby babble, hearing words uttered quite by accident and thus proclaiming our offspring the next miracle child.  Mind you, this 8 week old does say a pretty convincing ‘Hello’.  Listen carefully now:

These parents even managed to hold a conversation with their 1 month baby when he was fast asleep…

Of course, if you’ve got a baby buddy to chat to, communication is so much easier .  There’s simply no need to involve the grown-ups at all.

If you have a baby this age, enjoy the babbling while it lasts.  My own delightful children have just discovered toilet humour and find nothing more hilarious than saying the word ‘poo’ or calling me a toilet.  There are times I would gladly exchange such inanities for some mindless babbling.