Babyglow suit checks baby’s temperature

Chris Ebejer has come up with a genius invention: baby suits and sleepwear that change colour the moment your baby gets too hot – the suits then change back to their original colour when your baby has reverted to normal body temperature.

Small babies rely on their parents or care givers to regulate their temperatures. As a mum, I haven’t always found it easy to predict my baby girl’s temperature and I know that being able to see if she is too hot merely by looking at her baby suit would be amazingly helpful. By changing colour, Babyglow suits are able to show the effects of fever and external heat such as overdressing, hot rooms or exposure to direct sunlight.

Now that the technology is fully available, Chris and his partners intend to develop the range of Babyglow clothes and products. It will be interesting to see what the developers come up with; I hope that some funky designs will squeeze their way in. I would love to dress my little girl in a glow worm outfit or in a hat with little bear ears that change colour. Cute! Couldn’t the baby clothes just change colour at random intervals because it would look cool? I realise that we are now entering my fantasy world that often does not appreciate the concept known as ‘being practical’. Not every mum wants a disco light for a baby. A girl can dream right?

Back to practicality: the babyglow suits have been called “baby’s first emergency service” because Babyglow products help instantly and effective to warn those around the baby that something is wrong and that action is needed. Babyglow suits may not fit the bill as everyday baby attire but investing in a couple of suits for occasions that provoke uncertainty, especially when your baby is ill and running a fever, seems like a good idea.

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