Back Pain in Early Pregnancy: 4 Ways to Soothe

Want to avoid over-the-counter medicines, but the lumbar twinges driving you crazy? Here are 4 tried-and-tested ways to dial down the back pain in pregnancy.

Back Pain in Pregnancy

When you’re expecting, your pelvis shifts forward to accommodate your growing baby. This can result in pain radiating from the middle lower back around to your hips—aka pelvic girdle pain. What further adds to the discomfort is when mums-to-be lean backwards to balance out the forward shift of the pelvis. This over-extends the lower back curvature, and more pain ensues.


Staying mobile stops your muscles from seizing up and being tight. Pregnancy-friendly exercises include swimming, yoga and Pilates.


Practice core breathing—focus on your ribs going out and up on the inhale, and in and down on the exhale. This will give your organs room, and also allow your rib cage to move freely, which in turn releases tightness in middle and lower back muscles.

Try a Chiropractor 

A chiropractor trained in pregnancy realignments can help ease muscular tension. (It’s also a good idea to visit one postpartum.)


Be mindful of how you sit and stand. Sometimes a simple readjustment can make a big difference to back tension. Keep tall, with your weight on your heels, and stand with feet width-apart.

Via todaysparent.